Experience and Leadership

Steve in the Kansas Legislature

Steve Brunk served in the Kansas Legislature for 13 years, leading the House as the Majority Whip and serving as the Chair of Commerce and Labor Committee as well as Federal and State Affairs, a primary policy committee.

Steve has the knowledge and experience to know the issues that Sedgwick County faces on the local level and how those matters impact families and businesses in Commission District #1. Having been involved in the process of drafting, debating and enacting state law, Steve has a unique perspective on local issues.

His experience as a parent, legislator and business owner gives him a keen eye to understand the impact of local government and the burden it can impose on taxpayers in unexpected ways. Steve believes that public policy, whether at the state or local level, should be helpful and geared toward providing essential services as responsibly and economically as possible.

Economic Growth

senior oil industry worker holding clipboard and blueprint with manager in plant

Steve Brunk believes the solution to economic growth doesn’t lie in expanding government, but in creating a low-tax and a non-invasive regulatory environment that promotes stability in government.  Steve knows that stability will give predictability to the private sector job creators and will help foster private sector growth. We need more taxpayers, not more and higher taxes.

These ideas will encourage investment, spending or savings – all of which help to grow our economy. These all start at the local record.

Control Spending

Tax money available for government services comes from your hard work. Elected officials have a responsibility to be good stewards of tax dollars and to control spending. Steve believes it is essential to define the core responsibilities of government and assure that each department stays true to its primary purpose, not allowing “mission creep” to expand government.

Responsible Government

Steve Brunk believes that responsible government lets individuals conduct their lives and business as they see fit. That starts with conservative leadership and limited government. A strong constitutionalist, Steve also supports measures that protect life, religious freedom and expression, and Second Amendment rights.

As the race in Sedgwick County Commission District 1 continues, check back here for updates on important issues and policies related to county government.