Steve Brunk Republican for Sedgwick County CommissionOn January 31, 2018, I announced my candidacy for the Sedgwick County Commission District 1.

I represented constituents in much of this same area in the Kansas House of Representatives for 13 years. My business has been in this area for four decades. Our family goes to church here. This is where we do life. I know the public policy issues and challenges that families and businesses face in Commission District 1.

The voters of House District 85 trusted me to represent them in the Kansas Legislature and it was a privilege that I took very seriously. If the voters once again elect me, I would be honored to provide that same stewardship and leadership at the local level.

I believe that government should be limited to core functions and accomplish what the private sector cannot. Our policies should protect individual freedoms, expressions of faith, traditional family values, and promote free markets. A primary function of government is to promote justice while protecting people and property.

As a small business owner, I understand taxes, budgeting, the economy and the importance of job growth.  As a father of a special needs child, I have navigated health care and share a great deal of empathy for parents who struggle. As a church elder, I know that our policies must have a moral and just foundation. As a legislative leader, my experience gives me a unique and informed perspective on the issues.

When it is time to consider tax and budget policy, I always start with an attitude of stewardship. I know money available for government services comes from your hard work and that I have an important responsibility to make wise decisions about those resources.

I want to hear from you!

Give me a call at 316.393.7117, or email me at

Thank you and God bless.
Steven R. Brunk