Experience and Leadership

Primarily due to redistricting, nearly half of all State House Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs did not return to the Legislature in 2013, and a third to a half of the Legislature was new.  In this next legislative cycle other key chairman and legislative leaders are retiring.

Retaining key leadership, therefore, has never been more important.

Steve Brunk has served in the Kansas Legislature, leading the House as the Majority Whip and serving as the chair of Commerce and Labor. Currently he is chair of a primary policy committee called Federal and State Affairs.

Economic Growth

Steve Brunk believes the solution to economic growth doesn’t lie in expanding government, but in creating a low- tax and a non-invasive regulatory environment that promotes stability in government.  That stability will give predictability to the private sector job creators and will help foster private sector growth. We need more tax payers, not more and higher taxes.

Control Spending

Tax money available for government services comes from your hard work. Legislators have a responsibility to be good stewards of your money and control spending. It is essential to define the core responsibilities of government and assure that each agency stays true to its primary purpose, not allowing “mission creep” to expand government.

Second Amendment Rights

Steve Brunk has an A+ rating with the NRA. He will protect  citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Steve Brunk is strongly endorsed by Kansans for Life and will protect life from conception to natural death.