Affordable Care Act

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The verdict is in on the government takeover of our health care system. The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obamacare,” has become what we instinctively knew it would be… An under-performing, over-budgeted, bloated and ineffective government program that has limited health care choices and severely damaged our economy.

Government health care will continue to increase costs and decrease services. The recent VA scandals are more evidence that individuals need to be the focus of their own health care, and not be forced into some government system.

Health Care Policy Principles

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Health care policy should:

  • Encourage personal responsibility and consumer policy choices;
  • Be cost transparent;
  • Focus on well care; and
  • Be market driven.

We can:

  • Provide incentives for safety net clinics;
  • Use pre-tax dollars to pay for health care;
  • Ensure policy portability; and
  • Allow expanded markets to create competition.

Government can have a “safety net” role with the individual making choices about private sector services.

Kansas Medicaid and Kancare

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In Kansas, 65% of existing Medicaid beneficiaries were already on some form of managed care. The new Kancare reform is bringing the balance of the population into a new managed care program.

Services are being provided more efficiently, saving dollars and allowing more individuals to get off the waiting list. More people are receiving primary and home care, thus relieving the burden on emergency rooms.

We should continue to work on policies like HB2453 that provides incentives for employers to hire disabled individuals, while allowing them to return to Medicaid if their employment is unsuccessful.

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