Budget is a puzzle with many pieces


The State General Fund Budget (SGF) is a complicated, interwoven spending proposal with thousands of pieces that reflects policies and priorities. It is the one constitutional duty that the Legislature is charged to accomplish. When coupled with federal mandates, the SGF becomes part of the All Funds Budget.

 A constitutional limit on spending

Every legislative cycle Steve has advocated for a constitutional amendment that controls our spending to the rate of inflation and population growth. Prior to the next session, he will again introduce a bill that:

  • Limits state general fund spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth;
  • Provides for a rainy day fund and a disaster relief fund that can only be                 accessed for a legitimate budget shortfall and natural disaster;
  • Requires a 2/3 majority to initiate any new or increased taxes; and
  • Requires that revenues received beyond the allowed amount must be returned to the taxpayer.

Why this is necessary

For decades, previous Democrat and Republican administrations have increased the Kansas budget beyond the rate of inflation and the average wage increase. The current administration has made a successful effort to control spending and make government more efficient. But with lawsuits, federal mandates, and an increasing reliance on government, the demands on spending for services continue to grow.

When local government spending combines with federal spending, plus federal debt, the cumulative effect places too heavy a burden on the Kansas taxpayer.

Despite the efforts of Steve and others, government growth at all levels has become systemic. According to Rich States / Poor States, a publication that analyzes 15 government policies to provide an Economic Outlook Ranking, Kansas ranks 15th best overall, but 48th worst of all states in the scope and size of government employees per 10,000 of population.

It’s just been clunky government for decades. We can do better. 

On behalf of the taxpayer and future  generations, Steve is not giving up or giving in.

Continued Reform

Kansas must become a low-tax state, have a non-invasive regulatory environment, and utilize priority-based budgeting … just like you do.

That government stability will provide the predictability that private sector job creators need in order to make new investments in people, jobs, machinery and equipment.  We need more taxpayers, not more and higher taxes.

New jobs … No new taxes